Small group memberships are teams of 3-5 Boomers looking to have fun and enjoy getting fit with their friends or family.  The group works together while exercising and determining how to make individual lifestyle changes necessary for success.  These groups are perfect for Boomers looking for lots of support and motivation from their coach as well as their friends!       




Work one-on-one with a health coach to determine your specific health and fitness goals, develop an individualized plan of attack, and make it happen with specialized care and 100% of your coach’s attention.  These memberships are perfect for those who prefer to work in the intimacy of their own home without others.  Private memberships are all about YOU!  


Health Coaching memberships


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Semi-private memberships are perfect for Boomer couples or those looking to partner with a friend or family.  These 2-person teams work directly with a coach to develop an approach that will strengthen each member of the group.  Each person will determine his or her individual health and fitness goals while receiving support and encouragement from the teammate.  Semi-private memberships are fun and provide a supportive environment for success!