Boomers n Motion health coaches are insured, accredited, and degreed.

  • In-home Exercise Coaching

  • Health & Nutrition Coaching

  • Group Exercise Classes

  • Community Wellness Programs

  • Corporate Wellness Plan

  • Weekly Wellness Articles

  • Presentations & Seminars


what we do...

What Makes UsDifferent? 

With a distinguished integration of both certified health coaching and degreed exercise science-physiology, Boomers N Motion Health Coaching delivers an effective, professional and positive environment for those who may have struggled with health and fitness programs of the past or those looking to rekindle their current routine.  These health coaching professionals focus on their clients’ thoughts and minds as a way to modify behaviors and improve their physical conditions and overall health.  They work exclusively with Baby Boomers and older adults by educating, motivating, and empowering them to surpass their weight-related and wellness goals.

Clients work in private, semi-private or small-group settings to develop a unique, fun, and safe experience that ultimately leads to independent goal setting and healthy lifestyle changes.  Clients may choose to meet in the comfort of their own home, on the beach, or at The Center of Anna Maria.  Upon first meeting, Boomers N Motion health coaches spark hope and excitement, as they truly believe each new client can achieve anything they put their mind to.